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1 Timeline

1.1 Early stuff

  • I have early memories coding with my Mum and my Grandad
  • typing in BASIC to the Amstrad
  • making the screen background flash different colours
  • making it print out "Hello, <name>" over and over
  • these were from the instruction manual I'm pretty sure
  • also I think we got these other books full of code from somewhere, where you just went through and typed a full program in line by line. Often it didn't work, you had to go through line by line and find the error.
  • I also remember making a program with my Grandad on his business Amstrad PC. It was something to do with the Blitz, a game of dropping bombs on a city.

1.2 College

  • I learned Pascal at college in my Computing A-level

1.3 The web

  • I remember teaching myself HTML around late 1990s it must've been, from Webmonkey. I was listening to Tri Repetae by Autechre a lot while doing it. Fun times.

1.4 Now

I'd like to learn Lisp. We were doing it a little bit at, but that kind of died out.

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