Problem with org-roam's file-level graphing


Slight problem at the mo being that org-roam's file-level graphing doesn't exclude the nodes in your exclude matcher. I started a thread to ask about that.

First thing that I tried was putting ~ ,@(org-roam-graph–expand-matcher 'file t)~ in org-roam-graph--build-connected-component. That didn't work, because

(files (or (if (and max-distance (>= max-distance 0))
               (org-roam-db--links-with-max-distance file max-distance)
             (org-roam-db--connected-component file))
           (list file)))

already includes everything in files, so saying 'and not these other files' after the fact doesn't help. So next I've just simply hacked the SQL in org-roam-db--links-with-max-distance. Literally changes the raw SQL query. Obviously not sustainable, but gets me through what I want to do for today, and something to return to.

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