Problem with koreader: "Generator error"


Rakuten forced an update on my Kobo, and now trying to launch koreader via NickelMenu gives the errors:

Generator error

kfmon: error checking '/tmp/kfmon-ipc.ctl': stat:No such file or directory (src/generatorc.c:93)

Someone here seems to be having the same problem:

Someone else tells them:

That's because you need to reinstall KFMon after an update.

OK, I'll try and reinstall KFMon. Can't remember how I did that previously, off the top of my head…

Ah good, I noted it down here: Installing and setting up koreader on my Kobo.

Installation all worked fine via the zip and script in this thread:

Unzip the zip script, run the script. Bingo, as simple as that.

The download link isn't working though.

Luckily I have the downloads from last time. It's 2020.09 version, whereas the new one is 2021.02. But I can live with that for now, just to get it working again.

OK, so I reinstalled. The 'Generator Error' has gone, but now I get:

"See KoboEreader /.adds/nm/doc for instructions on how to customize this m…"

and nothing seems to happen.

OK, ran the installer again, and it went through an 'Importing content' message that it didn't the first time. I think something just borked up when unmounting the kobo the first time.

Woop, that got it working now!

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