Problem: no such file or directory tramp-archive


After doing a spacemacs package update, I started getting this error for pretty much everything I was trying to do.

no such file or directory tramp-archive

I turned on debug-on-error and then it seemed to be coming from helm.

I searched around for it and there's a commit related to tramp-archive in helm a few hours ago.

Whatever it is, it hasn't fixed it, and perhaps it's actually the thing that has broken it.

I tried to rollback to an earlier helm version, via the instructions here - but couldn't get that to work.

In the end I've just switched the completion framework from helm to ivy for now, in my dotspacemacs-configuration-layers.

I guess I'll try helm again in a couple of days, but ivy's working fine for now.

1 [2021-03-20 Sat]

This is resolved upstream in helm now: emacs-helm/helm#2394 Cannot open load file: No such file or directory, tramp-…

So I've switched back to the helm layer and all is well. ivy was fine, while I was using it, but I'm just more familiar with helm.

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