Problem logging in to YunoHost after upgrade


Having an issue after upgrading YunoHost from to I can't log in to the SSO section.

It just reloads the page - no suggestion that password is wrong.

  • With an unknown user
    • "Wrong username or password"
  • With my user, and the wrong password
    • "Wrong username or password"
  • With my user, and the correct password
    • just reloads the login screen
  • I can still log in to admin fine.
  • can't see anything relevant in the permissions section
  • if I create a new user, same issues.
  • updated the server

1. Logs

  • nothing in /var/log/nginx/ssowat.log
  • can't see anything relevant in /var/log/nginx/site.domain-access.log or /var/log/nginx/site.domain-error.log
  • the accesses are there, but no errors

2. Misc

  • Updated timezone while I was at it in case some time mismatch thing
  • the timezone was Europe/Berlin, which is wrong for me
  • sudo timedatectl set-timezone Europe/London

3. Resolution

  • Ah, fixed it! Deleting all the cookies for my yunohost domain sorted it out.

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