Preparing for org-roam v2


A big redesign is on the way for how org-roam works - lots of discussion here. The biggest change seems to be a move to use id links rather than file links.

Lots of people in the thread seem happy about this. A couple of things that I'm concerned about:

  • will this work fine with org-publish?
  • are you then more dependent on org / org-roam to view these files?

    I think things will probably work with org-publish fine, as id links are a long-standing org-mode thing in their own right, not a thing new to org-roam.

    The second point bugs me a bit. I sometimes read my private wiki in orgzly / orgro on my phone. I wonder how this will be affected. Also I just like file links as being slightly more software-agnostic.

    Hey ho. I'll try using id links for a bit now. They work already in org-roam v1 from what I understand, as well as file links.

    Some snippets I'll add to my config:

(setq org-id-link-to-org-use-id t)
(setq org-id-method 'ts) 
(setq org-roam-prefer-id-links t)


(defun ngm/org-hide-properties ()
  "Hide org headline's properties using overlay."
    (goto-char (point-min))
    (while (re-search-forward
            "^ *:PROPERTIES:\n\\( *:.+?:.*\n\\)+ *:END:\n" nil t)
      (overlay-put (make-overlay
                    (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0))
                   'display ""))))

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook #'ngm/org-hide-properties)

1 org-publish

1.1 [2021-03-27 Sat]

Unable to resolve link: "20210326T231455.451131"

during publish in the gitlab pipeline. But weirdly, it's working locally if you do org-publish-current-file.

Here's one thing that might help get things published (via

Hmm, actually, it also doesn't work locally if I run make republish rather than org-publish-current-file. Is there a difference between publish current file and publish project?

I wonder if it's something do with relative links. Weird though.

It seems like maybe org-publish just only works with file links for linking between files? However, still confused as to why org-publish-current-file works.

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