Praxis for the hacker class


Hacker class.

Really liked reading Wark say (in Capital is Dead) how that to understand the current informatics-based forces of production, comrades with technical knowledge are needed to collaborate with those with the theoretical knowledge. I feel like I sit in the space between theoretical and technical where I could have something to contribute here.

See also principles for ethical technology. See Reclaiming the stacks: how ICT workers can contribute to a transition to ecosocialism.

This has not stopped some interesting and promising signs of hacker self-organization in technical and creative industries, from the unionization of creatives at Vice Media to the Google walkout to refusal to work on border control or military projects across the tech industry.

Capital is Dead

Where could useful praxis lie?

1. Liberation

2. Cooperation

3. Agency

4. Sustainability

5. Elsewhere

5.3. Mentions

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