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Politics and the North-West of England

1 History

Industrial revolution and labour movements are strongly linked to the North-West of England.

Engels wrote about the conditions of the working class in England. Some parts (all?) centred around Manchester.

In 1845, at 25, Engels would write eloquently and powerfully of working-class lives in his book The Condition of the Working Class in England. He described one Manchester slum as follows: “Masses of refuse, offal and sickening filth lie among standing pools in all directions; the atmosphere is poisoned by the effluvia from these, and laden and darkened by the smoke of a dozen tall factory chimneys. A horde of ragged women and children swarm about here.”

Howard Zinn on How Karl Marx Predicted Our World Today

Also the history of the textile industry, a bit part of the history of the industrial revolution, is very closely linked to Lancashire and Manchester.

1.1 Marx and Engels

Salford has a long and storied radical history. It was in The Crescent pub that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels formed ideas that became central to the Communist Manifesto.

In Defence of Salford

2 Present

2.1 Salford

In recent years, Salford’s left-wing council has been one of the few in the country to push back against the housing nightmare. Last month it announced the first new council houses in the area in 40 years – high-quality homes, provided for below market rent and excluded from Right to Buy. There are plans for hundreds more.

In Defence of Salford

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