Platform Socialism and Web3

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The Blockchain Socialist
James Muldoon

Great stuff (the platform socialism more of interest to me than the web3, but the chat around that is interesting too.)

Platform socialism.

Mentiones problems with the Center for Humane Technology approach to big tech. (What he calls the techno-humanism approach I think?) Also the problems with the anti-monopoly approach to big tech.

Community washing - handy phrase for the bullshit Uber, Airbnb do/did around pretending they facilitate community relations.

The left needs to be better at harnessing tech for inventing the future. (I reckon solarpunk does this a bit).

And to avoid the classic trope of critiquing but not inventing.

Likes Guild socialism. Like G. D. H. Cole. Critical of Fabian Society (as too statist I believe?). See Fediverse as related to guild socialism.

Muldoon remains skeptical of the DAO space. Though the message of interesting experiments in governance comes up again.

Politics first, technology second. Avoid techno-solutionism.

Flexibility does not have to mean precarity.

Apparently Hannah Arendt favoured a federal model of political organising.

Favours platforms that are public goods and commons.

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