Organising for Revolution With Rodrigo Nunes

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Rodrigo Nunes

Enjoyed a lot. Relevant to the question of Revolution in the twenty-first century.

Gives nice overview of recent history of political organisation that is the backdrop to Nunes' book Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal.

Nostalgic throwback to Critical Mass. I remember going on a couple in Leeds when I was at university in the early 2000s. (Nunes here mentions it as an archetypal horizontalist group in Porto Allegre in the 2010s.)

The ideas of intensive revolution and extensive revolution is very interesting. Temporary Autonomous Zones being an example of intensive revolution. i.e. spatially and temporally local. Very radical but also short-lived and bypassing the difficulty of building something bigger. Extensive being a worldwide systemic shift.

Also very interesting: climate breakdown is a moment that needs extensive revolution. 1 million intensive revolutions would still not be enough to avert it. (Unless they all join up perhaps?)

Some of the podcast does break down in to a bit of old guys grumbling about horizontalist millenials. They come from a more vertical perspective I would wager. But I totally get the need for the synthesis of horizontalism and verticalism, so if you take the grumbling as good faith critique then that's OK.

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