org-roam and org-publish "Unable to resolve link"


I get this message "Unable to resolve link" all the time at the moment when trying to publish my org-roam files via org-publish. It's getting annoying now. Time to find a long-term fix.

It'll be something like:

Unable to resolve link: "7d3f6206-476a-48ce-a43b-982ec7d87ffc"

Where that GUID is the ID of some other file in my org-roam files that this file is linking to.

One current, laborious workaround: navigate to the file identified by that ID, then run:

(org-id-update-id-locations (list (buffer-file-name (current-buffer))))

That updates the id locations file with the id of the missing file. Then I navigate back to the original file and it'll publish OK.

That's not too bad, but sometimes it either:

a) takes ages to execute because I have over 2000 files, and it seems to have forgotten about them b) the original file has loads of missing ID links, so I have to repeat the process loads of times, which is tedious

Another option is to run:


That seems more robust, as it'll pick up all files. But that takes ages to finish. And sometimes seems to get reset and you have to do the same again.

I think possibly the reason it gets reset is because I have two org-roam DBs/folders (a private and a public garden)? I've noticed that beyond the first horribly long run of (org-roam-update-org-id-locations), it's a lot quicker on subsequent runs.

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