Connects Jira to org-mode.

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1.1 [2021-02-15 Mon] Giving org-jira a go.

First impressions are that it's an impressive library but a bit too temporamental to use as a daily driver. Maybe with a bit of getting used to it it'll be beneficial.

  • as we're on Jira Cloud, have to use an API token rather than password. This isn't clear from the README. Someone points it out in a comment here.
  • sometimes `org-jira-progress-issue` works, sometimes it brings up an empty list and you can't progress it to a new status
  • you can't create/edit the sprint it is in, the epic it is in, or the story points

1.2 [2021-02-16 Tue].

Trying out org-jira today for creating new Jira tickets, and for leaving comments on existing ones. These are working fairly well so far, mainly because I just much prefer typing in Emacs :D org-jira still has a couple of quirks around these.

1.2.1 Creating new issues

  • it doesn't like it if you have an empty Assignee, even though this is an option when selecting Assignee.
  • you need to use Jira's weird markup format, not markdown
  • creating an epic via this method results in

    [error] request–callback: peculiar error: 400 [error] request-default-error-callback: error jiralib–rest-call-it: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil

  • on one board, I'm getting the same error as above just when creating a bug.

1.2.2 Adding comments

  • I'd prefer it if you could edit them in a temporary buffer, rather than in the minibuffer. It's a bit restrictive working there.
  • Not so keen on the default keybinding of C-c c, as this is what I use for my org-capture template.

1.3 [2021-02-17 Wed].

Finding today that creating any new issue is resulting in Wrong type argument: stringp, nil. Shame.

1.4 [2021-02-18 Thu].

Not always useful to only see your own tickets. Is it possible to see others?

Possibly through a custom JQL query?

1.5 [2021-02-22 Mon].

  • Sometimes the whole issue doesn't display. Parts of it are excluded with a '…', but then there seems to be no way to get it to display, even cycling through all the various headline display options. Seems to be resolved by calling org-jira-get-issues again.
  • I'm currently doing a weird hodge-podge of some actions in org-jira, others in Jira web interface. Anything backlog or board view related is better done in the web interface for now. Anything around creating, editing the description, or commenting on issues (anything more text-based, I guess), I'm trying to do in org-jira.

1.6 [2021-02-23 Tue]

  • Re: the problem with creating descriptions in the minibuffer. I've started just creating the issue summary, and the 'SO THAT…' part of the user story in the description, when creating the issue. Then adding further information to the description in the buffer once the created issue that been returned. Then I have normal editing capabilities there in the buffer.
  • There is an annoying bug where if you update an issue that is currently unassigned, it will just go ahead and assign it to the first person in the list of assignees.
  • Running SPC-u SPC a o J i g runs org-jira-get-issues with the universal argument, which then lets you run a JQL query to filter the issues that are pulled back in to the org-jira buffers. This is really handy.

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