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My first thought on this is that I'll try and use the nodes drawn to inspire prefigurative visions of the future. Little microsnippets of speculative fiction.

1. Reading #1

I drew:galaksija / timechain / 2021 / Ask / Cimbalom Street Musicians / arcosanti.

This is my understanding of what the things are:

  • galaksija. A homebuild computer from yugoslavia in the 1980s.
  • timechain. "Time is your most valuable currency". looks like some cryptocurrency grift, but time as currency I like.
  • 2021. The year 2021.
  • Ask. The act of asking something.
  • Cimbalom Street Musicians. Pretty awesome sounding music played on a hammered dulcimer. I had never seen such instruments before.
  • arcosanti. An experimental town related to Arcology.

OK… so a rough sketch:

The year is 2021, as imagined by a science fiction writer from 1921.

A future solarpunk vertical city. An arcology. Like Metropolis if it was not-Moloch. The citizens love cimbalom. As you walk through the city, it is your soundtrack, like the zither from The Third Man.

The main currency of the city is timebanking. (It makes me think a little of Time in The Quantum Thief.)

Everyone has a Galaksija, a convivial tool that people can freely adapt for their own purposes.

The Galaksija's are networked together in to the Galaksija Brain. The city is participatory and municipalist, and city-wide decisions are made by Asking the citizens through the Galaksija Brain.

2. Reading #2

I drew: ideology requires consensus thinking / radio equipment wishlist / Anti-authoritarian networking / maintain / ways to run code / Repairability standard

What may be a thread here?

Maintaining a network of repairable radios in an anti-authoritarian topology. Perhaps with the distrubution of anti-consensus samizdat software across the airwaves, a la the code broadcasts in Socialism's DIY Computer. Interpreted by the receiver.

3. Reading #3

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