Nature, ‘Post-Truth’ and Platform Capitalism (With Bram Büscher)


The Fire These Times
Bram Büscher / Joey Ayoub

1. Topics Discussed:

  • Meaning of ‘post-truth’ and platform capitalism
  • Environmentalism, political action and social media
  • Mediating knowledge and politics through new media platforms
  • “Doom and gloom” versus “being optimistic”
  • Temporality on social media and the urge of the ‘now’
  • New media platforms are not neutral platforms
  • Alienation, politics and new media
  • Can it be good?
  • The role of new media in the conservation and environmental movements
  • South Africa’s Kruger National Park, new media and racial politics
  • The difference between understanding and knowledge, and how new media plays into that

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