Music listening strategy


How to find and listen to music in a way that supports artists and gives the finger to the big corps.

I guess three parts of it - discovery, support, and sharing.

1 Why

I cancelled my Deezer subscription a long while back. With the intention of going back to indie music discovery and support.

Over the last 7 years, Spotify has earned me 4.3% of what Bandcamp has. Over the last 3 months it's 1.6%. Getting playlisted by the Spotify lords and heard by 50,000 people is worth as much as ~20 people deciding to pay a fiver for a release on Bandcamp.


2 Discovery

Can't beat curation in my opinion. So either DJs, or friends recommendations.

2.1 Streaming radio

2.1.1 BBC 6 Music


listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting to the world

I subscribe to and mainly listen to the cliq hop, DEF CON, and Drone Zone channels.

Question: does this support the artists? Does soma pay it forwards - maybe there's some licensing fee?

3 Support

Occassionally buy tracks from somewhere where artists get a good proportion of it. e.g. Bandcamp. Can't afford to buy every single track I like, so need to think of a way

4 Sharing

Post links to music that you like, where the link goes to somewhere like Bandcamp (not a random upload of the track on youtube).

5 Elsewhere in the garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

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