In the UK, the symbolic death and rebirth of the state takes on a frightening literalism with the lifespan of an individual. The nature of monarchy is that kings and queens, by definition, embody something more than themselves. They are the flesh-and-blood vehicle for a nation’s symbolic baggage.

– The Queen is Dead, Ash Sarkar, The Cortado newsletter

For some, that means that Queen Elizabeth II was the personification of tradition, duty, deference, and every other conservative virtue you might care to name. For others – this author included – whatever personal graces Mrs Windsor may have had, the crown can only ever represent the spectacular injustices of unearned wealth, inherited power, and the violence of colonialism. Whether you’re a flag-waving monarchist, or a fervent republican, the one thing that the Queen’s death cannot mean is nothing.

– The Queen is Dead, Ash Sarkar, The Cortado newsletter

The crown represents:

  • unearned wealth
  • inherited power
  • the violence of colonialism

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