The Lucas Plan


I really like the Lucas Plan. An example of how reskilling of skilled workers could be possible and could all come from the workers themselves, not a top-down decree. It is a positive example of how reskilling could work under the Green New Deal.

  • rampant Taylorism would make reorienting factories more difficult
    • machines and people are so specialised to one product, they don't have general skills needed to be repurposed?

1 overview

  • Workers plan from 1976 at Lucas Aerospace on how to avoid job losses by producing things useful to society
  • "the Combine argued that state support would be better put to developing products that society needed"
  • It included ideas of things the factory could make to reskill workers
  • these were all pretty compatible with current energy transition requirements
  • heat pumps, solar cell technology, wind turbines and fuel cell technology

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