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  • Listened to Should the UK stop arming Israel?
    • Drone strike killed seven aid workers. (Some of whom British).
    • While Israel says it was a mistake, suggestion is that this is in line with Israel's current rules of engagement.
    • UK sells a small amount of arms to the UK. Sunak threatening to stop this unless more aid allowed.
  • Nonprofits should (almost) never write their own software
    • From the Aspiration Manifesto.
    • Being the tech lead for a non-profit that develops our own software - I fully agree. We are currently going through a process of trying to divest as much bespoke code as possible to pre-existing (FLOSS) software.
    • One alternative I see, where no other software exists for the desired purpose, is for non-profits to perhaps be incubators for the software, but always with an intention to exit to community / exit the software to cooperative.

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