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  • My publish.el file would be a good candidate for a literate config approach. Would make it more useful for other people to make use of then I think. Also would make me tidy it up.
  • Listened again to Nathan Schneider on Building Democratic Governance on the Internet
    • Parallel Polis, Vaclav Havel.
    • Touches on similar stuff as recent Vincent Bevins podcasts re: failed revolutions of the 2010s.
      • Technology helped spread viral messaging for movements, did little to help collective decision making and long-term organisation.
    • Mentions Loomio, Action Network.
  • When I get a moment I'll make a page of gardening tasks for myself.
    • Just simple things like reviewing nodes that haven't been edited for a long time; reviewing empty nodes to either prune or flesh out; etc.
  • Ecology.
    • interaction between organisms and their environment.
    • communities, ecosystems, biomes.
    • producers, consumers, decomposers.
    • food chains, food webs.
    • energy flows, trophic levels.
    • nutrient cycles.

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