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  • Although in general it feels the same (possibly slower? because I didn't compile it myself?), one thing that is much faster in Emacs 28 is the parsing of my huge Tasks.org file for work. Thumbs up.
  • I'd like to tweak my garden a bit such that I have 'planted' and 'last tended' dates on each page.
    • I already have 'This page last updated: …' at the bottom of every page.
    • But I'd prefer it right at the top. Not too prominent/distracting, but I have some pretty old pages knocking around now and I'd like people to be aware that they might be outdated.
  • org-timeblock looks pretty good and like it'd fill my desire for a timeblocking tool for org-mode.
    • I used to use Goalist on Android and it was great, but I got annoyed that I couldn't sync it and make use of it anywhere else.
    • So… trying out org-timeblock. However, hitting a bunch of issues from the beginning.

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