planted: 02/03/2024last tended: 02/03/2024
  • A 'trick' I use when I have some issue with a particular file in my org-publish pipeline on my remote server.
    • In org-publish-project-alist, set :base-extension "foo".
      • By default it is "org", looking at all files with org extension.
      • By setting it to foo, the publish process won't find any files. Except..
    • Set up :include to include the file that's got the issue.
      • e.g. :include ("file-with-a-problem.org")
    • There's probably a better way of doing it than this, but it gets me by for now.
  • Nice, I replaced a cl-loop with a mapconcat in some of my output formatting, e.g. in Well-connected. mapconcat feels a bit more functional style, and it also gets rid of the superfluous parentheses I had in the output.
  • I might try and add Pagefind to my published garden.
  • Trying fish out on desktop.
    • While on mobile I found them incredibly helpful, I actually find it all of the autosuggestions a bit distracting at first.
    • I'll see how it pans out.
  • Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy

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