• Read: Talking to My Daughter About the Economy
    • Finished it. Enjoyed it. Would recommend.
    • Need to go back and note it up a bit.
  • Read: Theories of International Politics and Zombies
    • "How international relations theory can be applied to a zombie invasion"
    • Fun.
    • I remember some of Robert Biel's articles saying how international relations was a field that applied systems theory to politics, so was looking for something that is a bit of an easy primer - this seems like it!
  • Shower thought.
    • I want to make sure that I document at least the top two or three salient claims from every book and article that I read.
    • Otherwise it seems like wasted effort.
    • I'll tag book files such that I can run a query that pulls out those that I've read but have no associated claims.
    • To do so will be a positive act of knowledge commoning.

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