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  • Read: Talking to My Daughter About the Economy
    • Nearly finished it now.
    • Very good all in all. Very readable intro to some economics concepts, in particular through a critical lens of capitalism.
    • Very easy to read. (As such not the most rigourous analysis, but thats fine)
    • Interesting to note he uses 'experiential' value rather than use value.
    • His brief suggestion of a solution to capitalism is that we need more democracy rather than more markets.
      • In ownership of the means of production and in control over how we treat the environment.
  • Read: Forest and Factory
    • Deep dive into the logistics of production of motors.
    • Interesting, but still not convinced that this constitutes a scientific account of transition, in the language of their own critique.
  • How repairable is a Vision Pro?
  • I'd like to add a 'New connections' page to my garden.
  • Flancian told me about Orgzly Revived.
    • This is very good news to me.

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