• Got org-roam working with Doom Emacs in Termux. To a certain degree. Few niggly issues but decent start. Setting up Doom Emacs in termux on Android
  • Don't sync org-roam.db between machines.
  • Getting into org-roam on Termux. Useful extra tool in addition to orgzly for taking fleeting notes on my phone. Actually, Termux is more the processing of fleeting notes into actual notes.
    • Couple of nice to fixes: pull in the .git folder so I csn commit from here too.
    • Fix that weird error so that I can insert new nodes.
  • Enjoying the Upstream interview with Breht and Alyson from Rev Left / Red Menace. They seem a bit more tempered here on another show - left to their own devices can sometimes come across tankie. Lots of good discussion of the need for an ecology of organisation here. What Is To Be Done? with Breht O'Shea and Alyson Escalante.
  • Watching Coraline. It's fun. I feel a bit seen by the Dad character…
  • This bit of text committed from my phone… will it work?
    • Hmm. It gets a bit confusing. Because the changes are synced by syncthing first, so git sees that as a conflict when I pull from the other device.
    • Syncing a git repo within a syncthing folder
    • OK. Now just syncing via git for a while, lets see how that goes.
  • Read: Universal basic services: the power of decommodifying survival
  • Problem with Kobo Clara HD battery. It is draining really fast.
  • Started reading Kate Soper's Post-Growth Living. It'll be about how a move away from consumerism will actually bring about a more enjoyable life.

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