• Economics for Emancipation.
    • Looks very handy. Nice summary of the issues with capitalism, different types of socialist economics, the solidarity economy. "A Course on Capitalism, Solidarity and How We Get free". Maybe not that much in it if you already got some familiarity with these topics but looks great as a refresher or something to share with others.
  • Moving my WordPress installation to YunoHost.
    • I moved my WordPress install from my GreenHost VPS to a WordPress install on my YunoHost server.
  • After an update to one of the IndieWeb wordpress plugins (probably Syndication Links) it looks like the name of the Bridgy Mastodon syndication target changed (from mastodon-bridgy to webmention-mastodon-bridgy). So I had to run mp-refresh-syndication-targets in Emacs.
  • Finished: The Care Manifesto
  • Every billionaire is a policy failure.

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