• social.coop tech working group working session yesterday was fun, like mob ops or something. With Eduardo and Akshay. Mostly just figuring out how to get new people added to pass.
  • Had a cool moment yesterday where recent readings (Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal, Red Plenty, Half-Earth Socialism and P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival) all seemed to coalesce into the same space in my head.
  • Basically Half-Earth Socialism seems to be suggesting we need some planetary level planning system for avoiding climate collapse. Red Plenty gives some food for thought on what can go badly wrong with central planning. P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival investigates technology like distributed ledgers for a kind of middle that sits in between top-down coordination and horizontal freedom of activity. Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal is all about that need for a mix of strategies in the face of climate crisis.
  • One of the hardest things for getting people away from legacy social media is simply network effects - if everyone else is on a platform, it’s hard to convince people to move away from it.
    • I find it particularly annoying when the only way to follow updates from your local council is on Twitter or Facebook. Strange to get local civic news via a global tech firm.
    • If anchor institutions / public bodies like the council, health services, police, museums, charities, etc, in a local area could be convinced to move (or at least cross post) to a local alternative, that would help convince some others to move too I’m sure.

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