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  • Great Flancia Meet today. I was tired after little sleep so almost didn't go, but really glad I did.
    • Some topics that arose:
      • Using text-based actions in the stoa as a simple metalayer of intergarden communication.
        • I like this, because thinking about counter-anti-disintermediation, Agora actions could be in theory anti-disintermediation, i.e. a locking together of individual digital gardens, if actions were part of the Agora platform in e.g. a DB. But if they are a protocol that you can add either in to the stoa or in to your own garden, then Agora remains an optional viewer. Lock-in does remain at a protocol level, but that seems less bad. Protocol cooperativism?
        • But you can also use the stoa if you don't wish to put the actions in your own personal data store.
      • Ranking was mentioned as one of the actions.
      • Some really good discussion around moderation, trust, community, federation and defederation.
  • Reread: How's That Open Source Governance Working for You?
  • Reading: Admins, mods, and benevolent dictators for life: The implicit feudalism of online communities

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