• Reading Platform socialism. First chapter was a good intro, the next two are pretty heavy, focusing on the problems with Facebook and Airbnb. I get that it's necessary for a thesis, if you're going to propose something new then you need to examine what's currently wrong. That's fine but no longer new to me, and sometimes a bit draining just hearing about the problems. But the author stated early on that they will go on to discuss their proposals for how to change things. I'm eager to get to these parts.
  • I dislike big tech. Surprise!
    • This will be my first "I dislike" page. Let's see how it pans out. I don't particularly want to spend lots of time documenting things that I don't like, I'd generally prefer a more positive approach. I guess it's more of a starting point for exploring claims as to what's wrong with big tech.
  • Not without its rough edges, all this like/dislike stuff, but still finding it fruitful and definitely maintain that the best thing about personal wikis are the personal opinions. Will plough on and see where it ends up.
  • Addendum to the above: the best thing about reading other people's personal wikis are the opinions. For sure. But in your own personal wiki, not having opinions on things is fine I think. Because you might just be learning about something.
  • Boris Johnson is a liar.
  • Spotify is going to ruin podcasting.

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