• Listening: Tim Jackson & the Quest for Post Growth
  • Flancian mentioned metamodernism. As something in between modernism and postmodernism, it sounds worth taking a peek at.
  • I like collective knowledge management tools such as Anagora, as when looking at a topic it gives me a subjective view of what my friends/community of practice think about it. As a fallback after that I can see what Wikipedia attempts to shake out as the objective view.
  • It would be good for other Agora instances to come online, to be able to quickly get a peek at multiple different groups' subjective view.
  • I wonder if one may in some sense see it as similar to liquid democracy. On any topic, I could choose who I am most interested to see definitions from. I 'delegate' the definition to them, if I've not had chance to do my own yet. I would probably start in my local instance of Agora. Then perhaps my instance federates with others. At the end of it all, if noone has defined it yet, see what Wikipedia says.
    • also on matrix here
  • A couple of mini site tweaks today:
    • I updated my WordPress theme (doublescores) to automatically rewrite wikilinks (those wrapped with double square brackets) to point to my corresponding page in my garden.
      • This is good because now I just post via micropub to my site using wikilinks in the content, and syndicate to Mastodon. The wikilinks get picked up in both places. (by agora bot on mastodon). Wikilinks everywhere!
    • I updated my garden publish process (How I publish my wiki with org-publish), so now each page in my garden also links out to the corresponding page at Anagora.
      • I guess I could add other outbound links here - a bit like sister sites concept. Anagora is kind of an easy case, because I know the corresponding page will be there (because I syndicate it there).
  • I made a tasty Butternut bhuna from scratch today.

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