planted: 14/11/2021last tended: 27/11/2021
  • Updated spacemacs to latest on develop branch. Updated packages. Nothing seems broken (yet…)
  • (org-roam) Upgrading the Org-roam database from version 17 to version 18
    • Process emacsql-sqlite<2> not running
    • Hope that's not a problem.
  • It feels faster but wonder if I'm just imagining it.
    • No I think it is! e.g. my mega 'To File' file is no longer super slow.
    • That's great.
  • This quote about Anarchism and right to repair caught my eye.

Anarchists often get caught up in the world of ideas, but right to repair gives us a chance to engage practically and I’d encourage all of us to get involved.

Center for a Stateless Society » Right to Repair

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