• Build the new web in the shell of the old
  • Fixed the issue with redirects on my stacked notes. Was super simple in the end. Just took me months to get around to it :D
  • Had a bit of a play with FedWiki at the farm vera set up. I'm at http://neil.wiki.anagora.org.
    • It is pretty wild, let me tell you. It kind of feels like magic, the way you can navigate links between wikis, and see other pages in your neighbourhood.
    • I feel like I will have some galaxy brain moment when it properly settles in.
    • I could honestly imagine using it as my daily driver for the kind of federation features it offers. But I'm far too tied to local-first editing in org-roam right now. I think it'll take me a while to move from this paradigm.
    • I think this is what Agora does for me - some of that federated wiki goodness, but just layered on top of what I'm already using - not needing to move elsewhere.
    • FedWiki is far more advanced, but Agora grows all the time and may gain some of these federated features too.

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