• UK fuel crisis 2021
    • This is not affecting me as I don't drive. But I wonder what the knock-on effects will be. And the main reason being a driver shortage so it's part of an overall supply chain crisis. The stories about queues and some people's behaviour on the petrol station forecourts is all a bit foreboding towards your standard dystopian sci-fi resource crisis.
  • Bullshit jobs. Apparently "Influencer Marketing Manager" is a job. Not saying that my job isn't a bullshit job in the grand scheme of things, but this is approaching peak bullshit.
  • UK supply chain crisis 2021
    • Food and fuel mostly.
  • Labour's green policies
    • green investment fund
    • mass retrofitting programme
    • pledge to decaronise steel
    • "net zero and nature test" for every policy
  • Winter of discontent

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