• Decentralisation:

    As Vitalik Buterin once layed out, it helps to see decentralisation as having multiple dimensions, in his view these three: technical, political, and logical. A technically decentralised network with a single developer influencing its progress is politically centralised. And if all nodes have to share the same data (the modus operandi of blockchains) it is logically centralised.

    Redecentralize Digest — April 2021 — Redecentralize.org

  • What is Web 3.0 actually.
  • Peer Production License.
  • Read: At least 130,000 households in England made homeless in pandemic

    • And that was with the eviction ban - due to domestic abuse and loss of temporary accomodation. The eviction ban ended 1st June 2021 in the UK. There will probably be a lot more evictions.
    • I could perhaps use IndieKit as a Micropub endpoint - it pushes to git repos for content storage.

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