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  • RSS-Bridge is not working out that well so far for bridging Facebook and Twitter to be honest. I keep getting the same old posts reappearing in my feed reader.
  • It's been a nostalgic pleasure to have stumbled on old thoughts of mine from 15 years ago. Even though I was hosting it independently, the timelineliness of it all made me nonchalant - about my own thoughts! I got lucky that the Internet Archive has saved some of what I appear to have thought were ephemera to me at the time. With digital gardening I feel I'll be more respectful of my notions going forwards.
  • Repair and jobs

    To say nothing of the impact on jobs: landfilling a kiloton of ewaste creates <1 job; recycling that waste creates 15 jobs, while repairing it creates 200 good, local jobs that can't be offshored (you don't send a phone overseas for repair).


  • Working from near home
  • Receiving webmentions via nginx
  • Modephone - "the phone that pays you" - sounds hellish.
  • Nexta-Live
    • "At its peak Nexta had 2 million subscribers"
  • Mass surveillance in India

    Under the laws, encryption – which keeps communications on the app private and inaccessible to outside parties – would have to be removed from WhatsApp in India and messages would have to be put into a “traceable” database. The government would then be able to identify and take action against the sender if any content was ruled “unlawful – WhatsApp sues Indian government over ‘mass surveillance’ internet laws | Indi…

  • The legal challenge is the latest escalation of a battle between big tech companies which have a huge and growing user base in India, and the Indian government, led by prime minister Narendra Modi, which has brought in increasingly heavy-handed measures to regulate the online sphere, which is seen as a space for dissent.
  • Influencer

    French and German YouTubers, bloggers and influencers have been offered money by a supposedly UK-based PR agency with apparent Russian connections to falsely tell their followers the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is responsible for hundreds of deaths. – Influencers say Russia-linked PR agency asked them to disparage Pfizer vaccin…

  • I am reminded by Wayback Machine that for a brief period in time my blog strapline was: "annulled by idle gusts of electronic massacre since 2006". Quite prescient, past me.
    • That being from a quote of Alexander Cockburn:

      There is never finality in the display terminal's screen, but an irresponsible whimsicality, as words, sentences, and paragraphs are negated at the touch of a key. The significance of the past, as expressed in the manuscript by a deleted word or an inserted correction, is annulled in idle gusts of electronic massacre

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