planted: 24/07/2021last tended: 27/11/2021
  • I've enjoyed a few of the articles on Mutual Interest Media, and like what they're trying to do. So I've joined them as a member.
  • Improved links output in ox-agora. It works now so that if the links have a description in org-mode, this description will be preserved correctly in markdown syntax.
  • I had a quick try at loading the output of ox-agora in Foam and in Obsidian. It doesn't work fully in either. Obsidian because it seems to expect filenames to match wikilinks - spaces in the wikilinks should be spaces in the filename. Foam because of the opposite - it seems to expect dashes in the filename, and thus dashes in the wikilinks. Given that some Agorans are using Foam, I wonder how they are getting that to work.
  • Jotted a bit more down on Reweirding the web, came across an article called Rewilding the web :D

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