• Thinking about Improving my note-taking. At the moment, I've just jotted down what it is that I currently do as food for thought on where the pain points are.
  • ox-agora continues to be functional, and I am enjoying sharing my content in Agora (https://anagora.org/@neil).
    • A side benefit, or perhaps a full-fledged co-benefit, is that I have my notes always in a Foam-y/Obsidian-y format. I don't foresee myself moving away from org-roam anytime soon, but regardless I do like the idea of having my notes in a more portable format. I mean, org syntax is of course plain-text and readable, but it still has its own lock-ins, of sorts.
  • I note here Jethro's use of org-id-extra-files in his export process. This could help me Preparing for org-roam v2.
  • Twitter archive is now ready. Continuing Archiving my tweets in my garden with orger now then.

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