• Enjoying reading The Reboot.
  • Also looking forward to finally reading some of issue 1 of Compost.
  • Along with Logic, these form a good list of left-tech magazines.
  • I need to improve my process of taking Literature notes. Specifically when I'm reading articles. At the moment I sometimes copy quotes I'm interested in to a page specifically about the article. Sometimes I copy them to the page that the quote is most relevant to. Sometimes I link to the article, sometimes I like to my page about the article. It's a bit messy. I'm sure somewhere between How To Take Smart Notes, zettelkasten and org-roam forums there will be advice on improvements I can make on this.
  • Halfway through Seeding the Wild. Loving it so far. Gorgeous writing. Setting the scene of how the digital commons is enclosed despite the promise. Rest of the article going to talk about how the client-server model had a role in that.
    • I liked it a lot. Peer-to-peer networks, commons, enclosure, big tech, the topology of information networks. Hole punching. A nice primer on how big tech enclosed the commons and how peer-to-peer might help take back some ground.
  • Given I've been thinking of trying out XMPP, why not try the version that comes with YunoHost?
    • Well that was simple. I didn't need to do anything - it all appears to be already set up out of the box. I was able to connect to it via Dino on desktop no problem, and Conversations on Android. Now I just don't have anyone to speak to on it.

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