• More and more I would like to learn Racket.
  • I'm encountering increasingly frequent slowdowns and annoyances in Emacs of late. I think mostly when I'm working in org-roam. It seems pretty buggy - possibly just due to my config. But it doesn't find files that I know exist, it slows down massively when processing the DB.
    • Ah - so not finding files might have been due to my use of a relative path in dir-locals.
    • I seem to have to keep on running org-roam-db-clear and org-roam-db-build-cache of late. Hope I've got it sorted now.
    • I am also getting big, annoying interruptions from this background process that runs to update the DB. org-roam-db-update-method is set to 'idle-timer, and org-roam-db-update-idle-seconds by default is set to 2. I think I'll try changing the method first to 'immediate. If that is still no good, I'll change back to idle timer but with a increased number of seconds.
    • immediate works a bit better for me, because I'm more likely to naturally pause after saving a file, so the brief processing time doesn't bother me as much.
    • Still, would be good to see if the time for updating the DB could be reduced.
  • A spaced repetition approach that might work with org-roam: The Poor Org-User Spaced Repetition - Where parallels cross
  • Removed helm duplicates, that was getting a bit annoying. https://github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/issues/13564
  • My spacemacs config is getting a bit unwieldy. I'd quite like to do that org-babel literate config thing that people do. But probably a bit of a unnecessary yak shave right now.
  • I'd like to the issue on Flock where reloading a page with stacked notes sometimes gives a 'page not redirecting correctly' error.
    • Also some links from subfolders don't work.
  • Definitely enjoyed the Literate config approach for my spacemacs config. It probably makes sense for config - stuff that is cobbled together over time from various sources. Was thinking about if it would be worth trying it with other code - i.e. Literate programming. It could be problematic on shared projects though, presumably - you'd be forcing everyone in to doing it that way, otherwise your literate file and the code would get out of sync.
  • Adding timestamps to org-roam notes.
  • toggle-debug-on-error is very handy. Used it today a few times when fixing things broken in my config or elsewhere.
  • Been trying to get org-roam-server to work. It's super slow on my graph. Also tried org-roam-server-light but it's just the same performance issue on the client-side. Also I can't seem to get it to filter out the Recent Changes page annoyingly, despite putting it in the exclude filters.

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