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  • Interesting question: What happens if your org gets locked out of Google? How likely is it to happen?
  • Interesting question: How do you explain the importance to spend time on 'invisible' things like backups, disaster recovery, security patching etc to non-technical peeps?
  • MINDFLAYER are on Bandcamp, this is good
  • I was thinking how Agora could be useful for a team knowledge base. Each person maintains their own, and Agora rolls it up in to one space.
    • Relies on everyone being happy using markdown files and wikilinks, etc., though. Might need to bridge between various systems, as usually people have their own favourite personal tool, especially when it comes to knowledge management.
  • Discussed pipelines and WIP a bit.
    • Can definitely see how reducing context switching is important. That's a massive problem for me.
  • Enjoyed listening to The Stooges.
  • The idea of a digital gardening practice came up in the DG telegram group. I don't really have one at the moment, but I'm getting in to a better 'daily log' habit. I tend to start in a private journal and add bits from that in to the public daily log as and when it makes sense to share. I'm starting to pop a few more work-related notes in during the workday, too.
  • the Ness Labs Collector to Creator course is starting on Monday. It's at 4pm for me, so can't attend as I'm at work. But I'll try to follow along with the assignments anyway.

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