Issue when updating spacemacs: Failed to checkout 'evil-impaired'


Updated spacemacs today, and then updating the packages, got an error about 'evil-unimpaired'.

1 The problem

  • git pull in .emacs.d to get the latest spacemacs develop branch - no problems
  • SPC f e D to get my config and the template config in sync - no problems
  • SPC f e U to try and update packages - problem.

condition-case: Failed to checkout ‘evil-unimpaired’: ‘Creating directory: No such file or directory, home/neil.emacs.d/.cache/quelpa/build/evil-unimpaired/’

2 The fix

A few other people seem to have had a similar problem.

Afterwards I'm still getting this warning:

–> Warning: cannot update 2 package(s), possibly due to a temporary network problem: phpcbf php-auto-yasnippets

But let's leave that for now.

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