I like agroecology


I like agroecology.

1. Because

  • Agroecology helps humanity relink itself with nature
  • Agroecology rebuts the predatory logic of nature's use as a commodity and production resource
  • Agroecology is not just alternative to green capitalism, but an alternative to capitalism itself
  • Agroecology is what allows movements of struggle for land to exist
  • Any serious struggle movement must have agroecology as its mode of production

the above claims come from Jayu's subnode: https://anagora.org/@Jayu/agroecology

2. And

3. Epistemic status


Only 5 because it's new to me and I have no personal experience of it. I like it with my mind but not with my heart yet.

Also I cannot backup the claims yet but the fact dazinism likes it gives me good gut feeling.

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