Hugo Blanco


He joined with enthusiasm in the campaign against globalisation, and was a committed ecosocialist and climate justice activist.

Hugo Blanco obituary | Peru | The Guardian

Peruvian revolutionary Hugo Blanco. While Blanco retains fraternal links with the Fourth International, his present politics is closer to that of the Mexican Zapatistas. He publishes the newspaper Lucha Indigena and is also an active support of the Rojava Revolution. Originally an agronomy student, he studied in Argentina, he led a peasant uprising in the early 1960s which successfully gained land reform. During his many decades of activism he has become increasingly engaged in ecological and indigenous struggles (Wall, 2018). As I write, he is in his 80s but remains a leading ecosocialist thinker and activist.

Imperialism is the Arsonist: Marxism's Contribution to Ecological Literatures and Struggles

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