How a local government migrated to open source

planted: 24/07/2021last tended: 27/11/2021

EyĆ¼psultan Municipality in Turkey gained flexibility, cost savings, performance, and independence by transitioning its entire workforce to GNU Linux and other open source software.

I believe that regular training during our open source migration project was the single most significant reason for its success.

Providing training throughout the migration was one of our key strategies. We did not stop after delivering training; we checked back with our users to verify that the training produced the expected results. It took us a year to uncover all the things people struggled with after switching from Office to LibreOffice, but we welcomed these issues and helped to solve them whenever they arose.

We didn't just do technical analysis at this stage; we did psychological analysis at the same time. By talking to people, we tried to find out their anxiety points. We learned that there was a common fear of an "encounter with the unknown."

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