Free culture


I want to support either free culture or independent creators. So trying to do it in a way that means easy access to culture for those that can't afford it, but also in a way that artists and creators get fairly compensated for their work. Cutting out the big corporations that skim off the hard work of others.

I have a Music listening strategy.

In part as a response to the increasingly aggressive assertion of copyright by the cultural industries suing customers for performing everyday acts online, and in part drawing inspiration from the free software movement, the free culture (or open content) movement began to take shape (Boyle, 1997; Lessig, 2001).

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The largest free culture project is Wikipedia, an encyclopedia that is cooperatively written and financed by donations from the readers who are part of the community (Dobusch & Kapeller, 2018).

dulongderosnay2020: Digital commons

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