Following Twitter people via Nitter and Miniflux

planted: 21/03/2022last tended: 30/04/2022

So I use a self-hosted Nitter and self-hosted Miniflux combo to follow these feeds.

Nitter is an alternative front-end to Twitter, and very helpfully gives you an RSS feed of any account. Miniflux is a minimal RSS reader. So I just plop the Nitter RSS feeds in to Miniflux and read the local stuff there.

Both of them are installed via YunoHost, which makes it a doddle to set up.

1. Issues

Feed fetching from Nitter fails periodically. But I just have to force refresh it a few times and it sorts itself out.

2. [2022-03-21 Mon]

Get 404s and 429s returned from Nitter via Miniflux fairly frequently. I wonder if that's Nitter actually returning that, or Twitter?

3. [2022-03-19 Sat]

Since the RSS-Bridge thing was never much of a success, I've installed Nitter on my YunoHost to get RSS feeds of people I want to follow on Twitter.

I could add the RSS feeds to Aperture, but I would feel kind of bad adding a feed for every single Twitter user I want, it's more load on the Aperture server.

So I've also installed Miniflux via YunoHost too, interested to give that a pop as an RSS reader.

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