Fixing rclone Google Drive oauth issue



I though this was supposed to be happening in October, but I'm already getting errors about it.

  • First off, I install to latest version of rclone, was a bit out of date
  • I need to reauthenticate with Google remotely, as I'm using it on a server
  • rclone listremotes to remember the name of my connection
  • rclone config reconnect gsuite: to then do the config
    • y to refresh
    • N to auto config
  • Turns out you need rclone available on a machine with a web browser then.
    • install it on my local box
    • run the authorize command it asked me to run
    • it gives me a code at the command line on my local box, i copy that code to the command line on remote box
  • leave the other config alone

That seems to have sorted it! Great project, is rclone.

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