Figuring out org-roam-bibtex


So I'm reading academic papers more of late, and storing them in Zotero.

However I'm taking notes on them (and books, online articles, etc) in org-roam.

I think Org Roam BibTeX can gain me something here. But I've never quite got my head around what it actually does and if I need it. I'll try and get to the bottom of it.

1. [2022-12-11 Sun]

OK, so first foray in to this.

I have a bibtex file exported from Zotero (with Better Bibtex).

I set org-cite-global-bibliography to point to that .bib file.

I insert with org-cite-insert.

I get a little cite link that when clicked pulls up the details of the citation in the bib file.

So I think probably what org-roam-bibtex will add to the mix is that I will be able to cite my notes files on a particular resource. And still have it exported as citations of the referenced resource, when exporting the file that has the citations in it.

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