Emergent Strategy


Looks very interesting to me in that it appears to draw inspiration from emergence and some of the Evolutionary and adaptive systems stuff.

brown’s “emergent strategy” for activists revels not in conflict with corporate opponents but in apparitions of friendship in online threads and tips for weaving consensus process.

Vanguard Stacks: Self-Governing against Digital Colonialism

Based on some of the ideas of Octavia E. Butler.

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2. [2021-07-17 Sat]

Started reading Emergent Strategy yesterday. I found the writing style a bit - can't think of the word - loose, maybe? At first. More like it is a blog post than a book. Kind of like a journal. With use of CAPS in places, and punctuation like?! Maybe I'm just too used to some of these academic books. In a way it's kind of refreshing to have something a bit more personal rather than dry and dense.

All that aside - the ideas are great. Absolutely spot on to my interests. Tying various complexity / evolutionary and adaptive stuff to social and Political organisation. Explicitly making the link. As well as Octavia Butler related stuff.

Octavia Butler / (amb)

  • All successful life is (Fractal)
  • Adaptable, (Adaptive)
  • Opportunistic, (Nonlinear/Iterative)
  • Tenacious, (Resilient/Transformative Justice)
  • Interconnected, and (Interdependent/Decentralized)
  • Fecund. (Creates More Possibilities)
  • Understand this. (Scholarship, Reflection)
  • Use it. (Practice/Experiment)
  • Shape God. (Intention)

I like the Elements of Emergent Strategy very much.

  • Fractal. The relationship between small and large.
  • Adaptive. How we change.
  • Interdependence and decentralization. Who we are and how we share.
  • Non-linear and iterative. The pace and pathways of change.
  • Resilience and transformative justice. How we recover and transform.
  • Creating more possibilities. How we move towards life.

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