Discrimination in digital finance


I don't know much about digital finance. My first thoughts are that it refers to cryptocurrency but it's probably more than that.

In general what I've seen of fintech (admittedly not that much), it comes across as brotech and not Liberatory technology. I wonder if there is liberatory fintech.

I'll read vera's notes on this node to get started…

They mention cashapp and venmo too - I don't know too much about these.

Does online banking count as digital finance? I can't remember the last time I went in to an actual branch of my nominally physical bank to be honest.

Added some definitions: digital finance.

But yeah in general seems to have a wide range of description, from online banking to distributed ledgers.

How does it discriminate? One obvious act of discrimination I guess is the exclusion of those who aren't comfortable in the use of digital technology. People may prefer to interact in person in a real branch, not fuck around with shitty bank websites.

On the other end, stuff like bitcoin say, you need to be pretty tech savvy to get started with it. And to mine it in the first place, you have to have capital for hardware.

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