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In Bristol, data commons, rather than being only stocks or stores of citizen-generated data, became sites to develop relationships of solidarity through the tolerance of friction, tension, and dispute about how data connects with things that matter to people.

Undoing Optimization: Civic Action in Smart Cities

in an early definition of “data commons,” human-computer-interaction researchers Dana Cuff and colleagues described them as “repositories generated through decentralized collection, shared freely, and amenable to distributed sense-making” and noted that these repositories “have been proposed as transforming the pursuit of science but also advocacy, art, play, and politics.”

Undoing Optimization: Civic Action in Smart Cities

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If our collective data is a data commons, then the big tech silos have enclosed it, taking our data and not allowing access to it.

Page 153 [2021-07-06 Tue 14:05]: The data commons, like the wireless commons, can be a way of figuring technical resources as shared sources of value and significance.

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